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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thomas Dillon, American serial killer, died he was 61.

Thomas Lee Dillon  was a serial killer who shot and killed five men in southeastern Ohio, beginning April 1, 1989 and continuing until April 1992.[3]

(July 9, 1950[1][2] – October 21, 2011)

Dillon was born in Canton, Ohio. He was captured in 1992 when a friend recognized a behavioral profile compiled by the FBI. Dillon was incarcerated at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility for five consecutive sentences of thirty years to life for aggravated murder.[1] In 1998, his crimes were featured in an episode ("Human Prey") of the Discovery Channel's The FBI Files.
Dillon’s shooting victims were:[4]
  • Donald Welling, 35, of Strasburg, Ohio on April 1, 1989, while walking or jogging on Tuscarawas County Road 94.
  • Jamie Paxton, 21, of Bannock, Ohio while deer hunting Nov. 10, 1990, in Belmont County.
  • Kevin Loring, 30, of Duxbury, Mass., on Nov. 28, 1990, while deer hunting in Muskingum County.
  • Claude Hawkins, 48, of Mansfield, Ohio on March 14, 1992, while fishing at Wills Creek in Coshocton County.
  • Gary Bradley, 44, of Williamstown, W.Va, on April 5, 1992, while fishing near Caldwell in Noble County.


On October 21, 2011, Dillon died in the prison wing at Corrections Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, aged 61, after being ill for nearly three weeks due to Hepatitis C [5]

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