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Monday, January 6, 2014

Giorgio Bocca, Italian essayist and journalist, died he was 91.

Giorgio Valentino Bocca  was an Italian essayist and journalist, also known for his participation in the World War II partisan movement  died he was 91..[1]

(28 August 1920 – 25 December 2011)


Bocca was born in Cuneo, Piedmont, the son of teachers, and studied law. He fought in the Alpini corps during World War II, and befriended Benedetto Dalmastro and Duccio Galimberti. Together with them, after the Armistice with Italy (September 1943), he joined the partisan organization called Giustizia e Libertà, becoming the commander of its 10th Division, fighting together with US and British Armies against the nazi-fascists.
Having begun his press career in Cuneo, Bocca wrote for Giustizia and Libertà's magazine during the post-war period. Later, he worked for the Gazzetta del Popolo, L'Europeo and Il Giorno, analyzing Italian culture and politics. In 1971 he was amongst those who signed a document issued by the magazine L'Espresso against police chief Luigi Calabresi after the death of the anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli, soon after killed by a terrorist group of far left named Lotta Continua. Five years later, Bocca was among the founders of the daily La Repubblica, with which he thenceforth collaborated.
He also wrote several books, in most of which he denounces the social and political problems of Italy. He has repeatedly taken a critical stance against globalization, the foreign policy of U.S. oil corporations and the rise of right-wing political parties allied with Forza Italia led by Silvio Berlusconi.
Bocca died in Milan on 25 December 2011.


Most critics of Bocca note that in his major opus, History of the Resistance, a large research on the subject of Italy's Partisan movement between 1943 and 1945, he was very partial to extreme left wing partisans and that he omitted important and grave facts such as the Osoppo Massacre (in which a whole non-communist Partisan unit, the Osoppo Brigade, composed of mostly Catholic or moderate-view guerrillas, was ambushed, trapped and executed by leftist guerrillas from the same division in which Bocca was deployed) and that he omitted most of the aftermath immediately following the Liberation of Italy when former partisans took revenge upon former Fascists and collaborationists in Northern and central Italy, mostly by swift executions, kidnapping and other murderous acts.

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