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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Kosta Tsonev, Bulgarian actor, died he was 82.

Kosta Tsonev  was a Bulgarian actor of Greek heritage starring in theatre, TV and cinema died he was 82..[1] He was born on 10 June 1929 in the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia. He studied at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. He has been married three times: twice to Anahid Tacheva and then to his present wife Elena.

(Bulgarian: Коста Цонев; 10 June 1929 – 25 January 2012)

He has a son, famed news reader Dimitar Tsonev, and a daughter. His second oldest brother was the late Vasil Tsonev, a dry witted satirist who wrote many books which have been published in several languages. His oldest brother was the late Iwan Tsonev (Iwan Zoneff) who moved to Australia in 1950s where he became one of the biggest property developers in South Australia during the mid 60's showing the diverse talents of the 3 brothers in each of their chosen fields. The father of the three brothers was a simple house painter. In 2001 Tsonev turned to politics and was elected to the National Assembly of Bulgaria as a representative of the former National Movement Simeon II (now National Movement for Stability and Progress).[1] He was reelected in 2005.[1]

Full Filmography

  • Trade Routes (2007) as Alexander Georgiev
  • Shantav den (2004) as Grandfather
in Bulgarian: Шантав ден
in English: Crazy Day (Europe: English title)
  • Zhrebiyat (1993) as Boris Skarlatov
in Bulgarian: Жребият
in English: The Lot
  • Kragovrat (1993) as Ivan Dimovski
in Bulgarian: Кръговрат
in English: Circle
  • Zweite Tod des Gregor Z., Der (1992) as Simeon Boiovic
  • Nemirnata ptitza lyubov (1990) as Svidetelyat
in Bulgarian: Немирната птица любов
in English: Love Is a Willful Bird
  • Bashti i sinove (1990) TV Series
in Bulgarian: Бащи и синове
in English: Fathers and Sons
  • Indianski igri (1990) as Angel
in Bulgarian: Индиански игри
in English: Indian Games
  • Plemennikat chuzhdenetz (1990) as Stranger
in Bulgarian: Племенникът — чужденец
in English: The Foreign Nephew
  • Razvodi, razvodi... (1989) as Mariya's husband
in Bulgarian: Разводи, разводи...
in English: Divorces, Divorces...
  • Neizchezvashtite (1988) TV Series
in Bulgarian: Неизчезващите
in English: People, Who Never Disappear
  • Slyapa sabota (1988) as Kosta Tsonev
in Bulgarian: Сляпа събота in English: Blind Saturday
  • Chicho Krastnik (1988)
in Bulgarian: Чичо Кръстник
in English: My Uncle Godfather
  • Vchera (1988) as Vera's Dad
in English: Yesterday
  • Dom za nashite deca (1987) TV Series as Hristo Aldanov
in Bulgarian: Дом за нашите деца
in English: Home for Our Children
  • Nebe za vsichki (1987) as General director of the company
in Bulgarian: Небе за всички
in English: A Sky for All
  • Vreme za pat (1987) TV Series as Hristo Aldanov
in Bulgarian: Време за път
in English: Time for Traveling (Europe: English title)
  • Mechtateli (1987) as Georgi Zhivkov
in Bulgarian: Мечтатели
in English: Dreamers
  • Eshelonite (1986) as Dimitar Peshev
in Bulgarian: Ешелоните на смъртта
in English: Transports of Death
  • Gorski hora (1985)
in Bulgarian: Горски хора
in English: Forest People
in English: Hijack
  • Tazi hubava zryala vazrast (1985) as Rumen Iliev
in Bulgarian: Тази хубава зряла възраст
in English: This Fine Age of Maturity
  • Boris I (1985) as Kliment Ohridski
in Bulgarian: Борис Първи
in English: The Conversion to Christianity & Discourse of Letters
  • V poiskakh kapitana Granta (1985) (mini) TV Series as Hetzel
in Russian: В поисках капитана Гранта
in English: In Search for Captain Grant
  • Spasenieto (1984) as Nikola Bakardzhiev
in Bulgarian: Спасението
in English: Salvation
  • Falshifikatorat ot "Cherniya kos" (1983) TV Series
in Bulgarian: Фалшификаторът от `Черния кос`
in English: Faker from 'The Blackbird'
  • Parizhskaya drama (1983)
  • Pochti reviziya (1983) (mini) TV Series as Vakrilov
in Bulgarian: Почти ревизия
in English: Almost an Inspection
  • Tzarska piesa (1982) as Alexander Tzanev, King' Adviser
in Bulgarian: Царска пиеса
in English: Royal Play
  • Kristali (1982) as Akademik Abadzhiev
in Bulgarian: Кристали
in English: Crystals
  • Udarat (1981) as Prince Kiril
in Bulgarian: Ударът
in English: The Thrust
  • Milost za zhivite (1981) as Professor Andrey Haydutov
in Bulgarian: Милост за живите
in English: Mercy for the Living
  • Sami sred valtzi (1979) TV Series as General Lukash
in Bulgarian: Сами сред вълци
in English: Alone Among Wolves
  • Tayfuni s nezhni imena (1979) TV Series as Emil Boev
in Bulgarian: Тайфуни с нежни имена
in English: Typhoons with Gentle Names
  • Po diryata na bezsledno izcheznalite (1979) TV Series
in Bulgarian: По дирята на безследно изчезналите
in English: On the Tracks of the Missing
  • Umiray samo v kraen sluchay (1978) TV Series as Emil Boev
in Bulgarian: Умирай само в краен случай
in English: Dying in the Worst (
  • Yuliya Vrevskaya (1978) as the old Rebel
in Bulgarian: Юлия Вревская
  • Adios, muchachos (1978) as Vasil
in Bulgarian: Адиос, мучачос
in Bulgarian: Басейнът
in English: The Swimming Pool
  • Godina ot ponedelnitzi (1977) as Anton Stamenov
in Bulgarian: Година от понеделници
in English: A Year of Mondays
  • Dopalnenie kam zakona za zashtita na darzhavata (1976) as Yosif Herbst
in Bulgarian: Допълнение към закона за защита на държавата
in English: Amendment to the Defense-of-State Act
  • Sinyata bezpredelnost (1976) as Emil Boev
in Bulgarian: Синята безпределност
in English: The Blue Infinity
  • Rekviem za edna mrasnitza (1976) as Boev
in Bulgarian: Реквием за една мръсница
in English: Requiem for a Tramp
  • Izgori, za da svetish (1976) TV Series as Pavel
in Bulgarian: Изгори, за да светиш
  • Il pleut sur Santiago (1976)
in Bulgarian: Над Сантяго вали
in English: It Is Raining on Santiago
in Bulgarian: Буна
in English: Riot
  • Magistrala (1975) as Head Engineer
in Bulgarian: Магистрала
in English: A Highway
  • Svatbite na Yoan Asen (1975) as Aleksander/Yoan Asen
in Bulgarian: Сватбите на Йоан Асен
in English: The Weddings of King Ioan Assen
  • Brazilska melodiya (1974)
in Bulgarian: Бразилска мелодия
in English: Brazilian Melody
  • Bashta mi boyadzhiyata (1974) as the Father
in Bulgarian: Баща ми бояджията
  • Golyamata skuka (1973) as Seymur, Uylyams
in Bulgarian: Голямата скука
in English: The Great Boredom
  • Golyamata pobeda (1973) as Big Brother Bonev
in Bulgarian: Голямата победа
in English: The Great Victory
  • Glutnitsata (1972) as Kalinov
in Bulgarian: Глутницата
in English: The Pack of Wolves
  • Neobhodimiyat greshnik (1972) as Attorney Ivan Asenov
in Bulgarian: Необходимият грешник
in English: The Indispensable Sinner
  • Na vseki kilometar — II (1971) TV Series
in Bulgarian: На всеки километър — втора част
in English: At Each Kilometer — II
  • Gnevno patuvane (1971)
in Bulgarian: Гневно пътуване
in English: Wrathful Journey
  • Demonat na imperiyata (1971) TV Series as Father Matey Preobrazhenski
in Bulgarian: Демонът на империята
in English: The Demon of the Empire
  • Nyama nishto po-hubavo ot loshoto vreme (1971) as Evans
in Bulgarian: Няма нищо по-хубаво от лошото време
in English: There Is Nothing Finer Than Bad Weather
  • Na vseki kilometar (1969) TV Series
in Bulgarian: На всеки километър
in English: At Each Kilometer
  • Gospodin Nikoy (1969) as Emil Bobev
in Bulgarian: Господин Никой
in English: Mister Nobody in USA Mr. Nobody
  • Svoboda ili smart (1969) as Podvoyvodata
in Bulgarian: Свобода или смърт
in English: Freedom or Death
in Bulgarian: Човекът от Ла Манча
in English: Man of La Mancha
  • Smart nyama (1963) as Mladenov
in English: There Is No Death
  • Zlatniyat zab (1962) as Captain Lukov
in Bulgarian: Златният зъб
in English: The Golden Tooth
  • Noshtta sreshtu 13-i (1961) as Major Andrey Panov
in Bulgarian: Нощта срещу тринадесети
in English: On the Eve of the 13th
  • Badi shtastliva, Ani! (1961) as Boyan
in Bulgarian: Бъди щастлива, Ани!
in English: Be Happy, Ani!
  • Bednata ulitza (1960) as Petar
in Bulgarian: Бедната улица
in English: Poor Man's Street
  • V tiha vecher (1960) as The captain
in Bulgarian: В тиха вечер in English: On a Quiet Evening
  • Komandirat na otryada (1959) as Danyo
in Bulgarian: Командирът на отряда
in English: The Commander of the Detachment
  • Siromashka radost (1958) as Lazar Dabaka
in Bulgarian: Сиромашка радост
in English: Poor Man's Joy
  • Dimitrovgradtsy (1956)
in Bulgarian: Димитровградци
in English: People of Dimitrovgrad

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