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Friday, June 27, 2014

Slacker, British electronic music producer

Slacker, whose real name was Shem McCauley, was an electronic music house, hip hop and R&B producer. He owned Jukebox in the Sky record label. He was also known under the names "Head Honcho", "Ramp" and "DJ Streets Ahead". Slacker, who was based in England, UK, had released records on many labels including XL Recordings, Loaded Records, and Perfecto Records. Shem McCauley died in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2012.[1][2]


Slacker played at the following venues, among others:[citation needed]
  • Continental DJ Club, Mexico City
  • Empire, Miami
  • Fierce, Hong Kong
  • Groovejet, Miami
  • Home, Lima
  • Ministry of Sound, London
  • Nocturnal, Miami
Ultra 2000(Global Beach) Sasha and Digweed and Friends at Space(2006).
  • Orbit, Lima, Peru
  • Sikamikanco, Oslo
  • Slinky, Bournemouth
  • Supanova, Derby, UK
  • Stereo nightclub, Montreal, Canada


Over 50, including
  • Feel Space (first single)
  • Flying (second single)
  • Scared (third single)
  • Your Face
  • Looky Thing


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