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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hideaki Nitani, Japanese actor (Tokyo Drifter), died from pneumonia he was 81.

Hideaki Nitani was a Japanese actor died from pneumonia he was 81..

(二谷英明 Nitani Hidaki?, 28 January 1930 – 7 January 2012)


Born in Kyoto Prefecture, Nitani attended Doshisha University but quit before graduating.[1] He first worked as an announcer at Nagasaki Broadcasting Company, but in 1956 made his debut as an actor at Nikkatsu.[1] Gaining the nickname "Dump Truck Guy" for his handsome, tough guy roles,[2] he soon became a staple in Nikkatsu Action movies, often playing the second lead, but sometimes starring in his own films. He is probably best known abroad for his role in Seijun Suzuki's Tokyo Drifter. Nitani left Nikkatsu in 1971 and moved to television, where he starred in the Tokusō saizensen police detective series, which ran for ten years between 1977 and 1987.[2]
Nitani married the actress Yumi Shirakawa and their daughter, Yurie Nitani, is also an actress.[2] He died of pneumonia on 7 January 2012.[2]

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