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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Chuck Metcalf, American double-bassist, died he was 81.

Chuck Metcalf  was an American jazz double-bassist died he was 81.. He taught at Garfield High School's Magnet Program with saxophonist Joe Brazil in 1968.[1] In 1980 he toured with Dexter Gordon. His first solo studio album named Elsie Street was released in 1989.[2] In January 2012 he died from cancer.[3]

 (8 January 1931−11 January 2012)


  • Joni Metcalf: Sings Porter and Ellington (1965)
  • Overton Berry: Live at the Double-Tree (1970)
  • Doug Hammond: Reflections in the Sea of Nurnen (1972)
  • Mel Ellison: Friends (1976)
  • San Francisco, Ltd: San Francisco, Ltd. (1977)
  • Mark Murphy: Stolen Moments (1978)
  • Chuck Metcalf: Live in Seattle (1987)
  • Bert Wilson: Rebirth Loves Monk! (1987)
  • Bert Wilson: Live at Caffe Star-Bucks (1987)
  • Bert Wilson: Wings (1987)
  • Bert Wilson: Live at the Bellevue Jazz Festival (1987)
  • Chuck Metcalf: Elsie Street (1989)
  • Bert Wilson: Live at the ZOO (1990)
  • Chuck Metcalf: Help Is Coming (1992)
  • Primo Kim: To Be Near (1997)
  • Gerry Grosz: On Ramp (1998)
  • Craig Flory: Wigwam Bendix (1998)
  • Chuck Metcalf: Thinking of You (2004)

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