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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Aamir Hayat Khan Rokhri, Pakistani politician, died from a heart attack he was 55.

Aamir Hayat Khan Niazi of Rokhri was a Pakistani politician, and member of the Punjab Provincial Assembly died from a heart attack he was 55..[1] He was a Pashtun from the Niazi tribe. Rokhri is his ancestral village. He is the son of the late Pakistani politician and political activist, Amir Abdullah Khan Rokhri, and came from the renowned Rokhri family which includes other of his distinguished relatives such as his cousins Gul Hameed Khan Rokhri and Gul Hameed's son Humair Hayat Khan Rokhri.

(12 August 1956 – 29 December 2011) 

Aamer Hayat Khan Rokhri was elected to the National Assembly in 1985. He was elected as an MPA in 1990, 2003 and in 2008 as an independent candidate. Apart from his stand in provincial politics, Aamir Hayat Khan Niazi also was controlling his thriving family business New Khan, a transport company. The company was founded by his late father, Amir Abdullah Khan Rokhri.
Aamer Hayat Khan Rokhri was also the President of Lahore City Cricket Association and had held that position since 1985. He was also the Secretary General of Pakistan Badminton Federation and President of Punjab Badminton Association. He was also a Member of the PCB Board of Governors. His effort to promote cricket and badminton in Pakistan will always be remembered, as he made financial contribution to run PCB for three decades from 1970 to 1990.[2] He died on 29 December 2011 due to heart failure in Lahore, Pakistan. He leaves behind a wife, two sons and a daughter.[3]
His son Shahrez Abdullah Rokhri has been elected the President of Punjab Badminton Association unopposed and his younger son Adil Abdullah Rokhri has been elected as MPA in by-elections.

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