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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tripuraneni Maharadhi, Indian screenwriter, died he was 82.

Tripuraneni Maharadhi born Tripuraneni Balgangadhar Rao in a zamindaar family in Pasumarru in Krishna district, is a dialogue writer turned screenwriter in Telugu Cinema died he was 82..[1][2]


He worked in about 150 films and also wrote several books. Before entering into film industry he worked as journalist for the magazines like Zameen Raithu, Golkonda and Telugu Desam.
Later, he went to Chennai on the basis of a job in Radio station and settled as a writer in film industry. He started off his film career by writing dialogues to dubbed films as he has grip on various languages. His first film was ‘Rodhanu Yodhulu’, which was the Telugu version of Tamil film ‘Sivaganga Seemai’ and his first straight Telugu film was NTR’s ‘Bandipotu’ in 1963.
He first met NTR on the sets of ‘Mana Desam’. Some of his other films which earned him reputation were ‘Sathi Arundhati’, ‘Kanchukota’, ‘Niluvu Dhopidi’, ‘Pethamdaarlu’, ‘Simhasanam’, ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’, etc.


As writer

  • Bandipotu (1963)
  • Kanchukota (1967)
  • Niluvu Dopidi (1968)
  • Pettandarlu (1970)
  • Desoddharakulu (1973)
  • Devudu Chesina Manushulu (1973)
  • Paadi Pantalu (1976)
  • Kurukshetram (1977)
  • Ram Robert Raheem (1980)
  • Hema Hemeelu (1980)
  • Praja Rajyam (1983)
  • Simhasanam (1986)
  • Santhi Sandesam (2004)

As Producer

  • Rythu Bharatam (1994)

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