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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maureen Swanson, British actress, died he was 78.

Maureen Ward, Countess of Dudley, was a British actress died he was 78.. Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Lady Dudley was the daughter of James Swanson. As Maureen Swanson, she featured in British pictures during the 1950s and retired from acting in 1961, following her marriage to Viscount Ednam.

(25 November 1932 – 16 November 2011)

Marriage and children

She married on 24 August 1961 as the second wife of Viscount Ednam. She was styled as the Countess of Dudley on 26 December 1969, following her husband's succession to the earldom. They had seven children:
  • Hon. William Ward (born and died stillborn 21 October 1961)
  • Lady Susanna Louise Ward (born 23 May 1963), unmarried and without issue
  • Lady Melissa Patricia Eileen Ward (born 18 July 1964), married in 1991 to Simon Puxley; has daughter (India Ward Puxley; born 1991)
  • Lady Victoria Larissa Cecilia Ward (born 28 May 1966), unmarried and without issue
  • Lady Amelia Maureen Erica Ward (born 5 September 1967), unmarried and without issue
  • Lady Cressida Emma Sophia Ward (born 7 January 1970), married on 29 June 1996 to Oliver Preston, without issue, divorced 1998. She married, secondly, in a civil service in July 2011 in London, and on 1 October 2011 in Sicily in a Roman Catholic wedding, to Dr. Ludovic Toro; Ward has a daughter from a prior relationship (Lily Rose Ward Davis; born 2 November 2004)
  • Hon. Leander Grenville Dudley Ward (born 31 October 1971), married British journalist Laura Sevier on 23 July 2011



Libel case

In a 1989 libel case, Lady Dudley admitted to having had an affair with Stephen Ward,[1] the osteopath and artist who was one of the central figures in the 1963 Profumo affair. They became friends when he was commissioned to draw her portrait in 1953 — 10 years before the Profumo scandal. From the 1989 court case, Lady Dudley won “substantial” damages from the publishers of Honeytrap: the Secret Worlds of Stephen Ward by Anthony Summer and Stephen Dorril, in which the authors suggested that she had been one of the “popsies” whom Ward had procured for his influential friends.[1] In 2002 the Countess of Dudley again accepted substantial libel damages from the publishers of Christine Keeler: The Truth At Last, Keeler's own account of the events surrounding her notorious affair with the former war minister John Profumo, in which she referred to Lady Dudley as having been “one of Stephen’s girls”.[1]

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