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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coco Robicheaux, American blues musician and artist, died he was 64.

Curtis John Arceneaux [1] better known by the name Coco Robicheaux, was an American blues musician and artist, from Ascension Parish, Louisiana, United States died he was 64..

(October 25, 1947 – November 25, 2011)

He was born in Merced, California.[1] Arceneaux took his stage name from a Louisiana legend, in which a naughty child called Coco Robicheaux, is abducted by a werewolf (Loup Garou or Rougarou). Also, the name 'Coco Robicheaux' is repeated in the song "I Walk on Guilded Splinters" from Dr. John the Night Tripper's 1968 album, Gris-Gris.[2]
Robicheaux appeared in the episode "Hotshots", of the USA Network series Big Easy, playing a New Orleans musician named "Coco", who had sold his soul to the devil. Two of Robicheaux's songs were also featured in the episode, "Broken String" and "Spiritland". Coco Robicheaux appeared as himself in the second episode of HBO's Treme, first broadcast in the US on April 18, 2010.
Coco Robicheaux died in November 2011 in New Orleans, Louisiana, at the age of 64.[1]
One of his last recordings were for the Danish singer Naja Rosa Koppel´s album "The Place I Call Home" (2012)
His very last was the day of his birthday, one month before his death, with singer Frenchie Moe. Mike Hood, Leon "Kid Chocolate" Brown, Jimmy Carpenter and Jack Cruz also participated to the song.


  • Spiritland (Orleans 1994)
  • Louisiana Medicine Man (Orleans 1998)
  • Hoodoo Party (Orleans 2000)
  • Yeah, U Rite! (Spiritland 2005)
  • Like I Said, Yeah, U Rite! (Spiritland 2008)
  • Revelator (Spiritland 2010)

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