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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ana Grepo, Croatian model, died from carbon monoxide asphyxiation she was 36.

Ana Grepo was a business woman and former model from Split, Croatia died from carbon monoxide asphyxiation she was 36... In 1995 she was crowned Miss Dalmatia on the regional beauty pageant in Split. In the last years of her life she resided in Zagreb where she was an operating manager of her own modeling agency. She was one of the main figures for gathering young prospective models for the entire area of southeastern Europe, and ex Yugoslavia.[2]


(5 March 1975 – 10 November 2011[1])

She has previously been noted in a variety of business magazines as one of the most successful business-oriented women in Croatia with her fortune estimated up to 50 million Euro.[citation needed]

Early life

Her father Petar was a fisherman and mother Andja was a housewife. While still in high school, Grepo was drafted by the Midiken modeling agency from Zagreb. Finishing her last high school year in Zagreb, Grepo had already become one of the most wanted young models in Croatia.

Modelling career

In late 1995 Grepo moved to Milan working for different modeling agencies. In the nine-year period between 1996 and 2005 Grepo worked in various fashion capitals of the world, including Madrid, Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. While engaging herself as a full-time model, in late 2000 she started forming her own modelling agency which she based in Zagreb, Croatia.[3]

Post modelling career and personal life

Having dual Croatian and Italian citizenship, Ana relocated to Milan in 1995 and over the next decade was kept busy in such major cities as London, New York, Tokyo, and Paris. While briefly married to businessman Dragan Jurilj, she used the connections she had made and started accumulating great wealth and business notoriety by starting her own Zagreb-based modeling agency in 2000. Later, she acquired a soccer team and built a luxury casino.[4]
In 2002, she purchased property on the Croatian shore near Dubrovnik and the government agency granted her rights to build a five star casino resort on the Brioni Islands. In the summer of 2006 she entered a purchasing bid for a major Croatian basketball team Cibona, Zagreb but she eventually withdrew the offer. As a holder of a dual citizenship an Italian and Croatian passport, Grepo entered the Italian business market as well. In early 2007 she bought a small part of a holders share of an Italian soccer club A.C. Chievo from Verona, Italy. In March 2007 she reportedly paid 4.5 million Euro for a 16th century Italian traditional mansion in Verona, Italy.[4]


While spending the majority of her time during the last period of her life at her estate in Zagreb, Ana died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning while at home.[4]

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