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Monday, March 25, 2013

Yann Fouéré, French Breton nationalist, died he was 101.

Yann Fouéré  was a Breton nationalist and a European federalist.[1] His French birth certificate names him as Jean Adolphe Fouéré (French name, as the French State at the time did not allow Breton names). He was born in Aignan, Gers.[2]and died in St.Brieuc, Brittany.

(26 July 1910 – 20 October 2011)

He fled France after the French liberation in 1945 and took Irish citizenship in the early 1950s. One of the founders of the Celtic League along with his compatriot Alan Heusaff, he lived to be 101 years old.[3]
On Sunday, 21 January 2007, Eoghan Harris published an opinion piece in the Irish Independent alleging Fouéré had collaborated during WW2. The sole cited references in the article were Google search results.[4] Fouéré was alleged to have been a collaborator during WW2, but was fully exonerated in 1955 following his voluntary return to France to face trial.[5]


His daughter is Irish actress Olwen Fouéré.

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