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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cactus Pryor, American broadcaster, died from Alzheimer's disease. he was 88.

Richard "Cactus" Pryor  was an American broadcaster died from Alzheimer's disease. he was 88.. He received his nickname after the old Cactus Theater on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas, which was run by his father, "Skinny" Pryor.

(January 7, 1923 – August 30, 2011)

His son, Don Pryor, works on the News Team at Austin Radio News Station 590 KLBJ, working as a Mid-Day sky-watch traffic broadcaster, and occasionally filled in for his father when he was unavailable for his segments. Another of Cactus's son, Paul Pryor, once worked in Austin radio as well.[1]
Pryor was first heard on Lady Bird Johnson's radio station 590 KLBJ, though his face became as well known as his voice once he moved to television broadcasting on Austin television station KTBC.[2]
In addition to his work in radio and television, Pryor also appeared in two movies, Hellfighters and The Green Berets with John Wayne. He is the author of a 1995 collection of some 40 essays entitled Playback. At KTBC, Pryor served as programming manager and hosted a variety of shows. He conducted interviews with celebrities such as Arthur Godfrey[3] and Dan Blocker[4] and narrated behind-the-scenes programs about KTBC.[5]
As part of his involvement with the Headliners Club of Austin journalists, Pryor starred in satires of television news.[6] He provided the voiceover for the 1960 KTBC film “Target Austin”,[7] which presents the scenario of a nuclear missile strike on Austin.
In 1950, Pryor had a novelty hit on the country music charts with the number 7 "Cry of the Dying Duck in a Thunder-Storm", a parody of Tennessee Ernie Ford's "The Cry of the Wild Goose".[8]
He regaled audiences on Austin radio with a daily 2-minute trip down memory lane, reminiscing about places and people from his past well into the 2000s. He was a self-described liberal, but acknowledged that his children do not share his beliefs. He claimed to have been one of the first people to have heard of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, having been at the ranch of then-vice president Lyndon Baines Johnson at the time.
Pryor had for several years been a radio spokesman for the Austin-based Tex-Mex restaurant chain Serrano's. In these ads, he is often called "Nopalito," which loosely means little cactus, after the Spanish word nopal. His broadcasting sign-off consisted of a series of nonsense words, "thermostrockermortimer". The spelling and meaning of such are up to speculation. Cactus stated that, "The phrase is in the Bible; if you don't find it, keep reading."
In 2007, Pryor told his radio audience that he was battling Alzheimer's disease. He died[9] on August 30, 2011 in Austin, Texas, aged 88, weeks after breaking his leg in a fall.

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