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Monday, June 18, 2012

Akiko Futaba, Japanese ryūkōka singer, died at 96.

Akiko Futaba born Yoshie Katowas a Japanese popular music (ryūkōka) singer died at 96.. As of the end of the World War II, she was one of the most popular female singers in Japan, competing with Hamako Watanabe and Noriko Awaya.[1] In addition, she had taken part in the Kōhaku Uta Gassen (Japan's one of most famous year-end shows) 10 times.[2]

(February 2, 1915 – August 16, 2011) 

She was born in Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture and raised in Miyoshi, Hiroshima Prefecture.[3] She graduated from the Tokyo Music School. Impressed by Takeo Masunaga (also known as Ichiro Fujiyama) at a performance held by the music school, she debuted in 1936. Her famous song "Furuki Hanazono" (古き花園 lit. "Old Flower Garden"?) was released in 1939. On August 6, 1945, she narrowly avoided the atomic bombing of Hiroshima because she was riding a train traveling through a tunnel at the time of the explosion.[1]
She ceased activity as a singer in 2003, and retired in Hiroshima Prefecture.


  • Ano Yume Kono Yume (あの夢この夢 That Dream, This Dream?) : 1936
  • Otome Jūku (乙女十九 Girl at the Age of 19?) : 1937
  • Furuki Hanazono (古き花園 Old Flower Garden?) : 1939
  • Ano Hana Kono Hana (あの花この花 That Flower, This Flower?) : 1940
  • Wakarete mo (別れても Even If We're Apart?) : 1946
  • Otome Gokoro wa (乙女心は A Girl's Heart Is?) : 1946
  • Francesca no Kane (フランチェスカの鐘 The Bells of Francesca?) : 1948
  • Yume yo Mō Ichido (夢よもういちど Once Again, Dream?) : 1949
  • Hoshi no Tameiki (星のためいき Star's Sigh?) : 1950



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