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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Babak Masoumi, Iranian futsal player and coach, died from blood cancer he was , 39.

  Babak Masoumi Daraki was an Iranian futsal player and coach who was former captain of the Iranian national team.

(13 July 1972 – 10 August 2011)


Masoumi began his career playing football for Fath Tehran. He then changed codes and began to play futsal where played for Fath Tehran, PAS Tehran[2] and Tam Iran Khodro.
Despite suffering from cancer, Masoumi was head coach of Persepolis futsal team in the 2008–09 season and a few weeks afterwards was appointed as technical manager of Steel Azin futsal team.[3] He was head coach of Dabiri Tabriz FSC at the time of his death.


On August 10, 2011 Masoumi died from blood cancer from which he had been suffering since 2008.[4] Despite this, Masoumi believed beforehand that he was cured of the disease.[5]
Masoumi had struggled to pay for his medical care and in November 2008, an exhibition game was played between Esteghlal and a Selection of Karaj team in order to raise money for the medical treatment of Masoumi and Mohammad Parsa.[6] In addition to this Iranian football star Ali Karimi paid for Masoumi's medical bills.[7] His body was buried on August 12, 2011 in Karaj.[8]





  • Best Asian Futsal Player of the Year, 2003
His YouTube Tribute

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