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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kalmen Opperman, American clarinetist, has died of heart failure.he was ,90

Kalmen Opperman [1] was an American clarinetist. He was a noted performer, teacher, conductor, mouthpiece and barrel maker (which he makes only for his students), composer, and writer of numerous clarinet studies.

(December 8, 1919 – June 18, 2010)

A noted pedagogue, many of his students are currently working as soloists, recording artists, orchestral players and university teachers around the world.

For many years he was a performer in Broadway shows during what many call Broadway's "Golden Age".

He wrote over 10 highly acclaimed study books for the clarinet including his multi-volume Daily Studies and Velocity Studies.

He studied with noted clarinetists Ralph McLane and Simeon Bellison of the Philadelphia Orchestra and New York Philharmonic.

Most notably a private clarinet teacher in his studio in New York City, he has taught at such schools as Boston University, Hartt School of Music, and Indiana University.

He also lead the Kalmen Opperman Clarinet Choir. Kalmen Opperman passed away June 18th, 2010. He is survived by his wife Louise, daughter Roie, son Chuck and daughter-in-law, Judy.

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